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Rhea Perry

My name is Rhea Perry, and
I love to host events that change people's lives!


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        If you want to:

  • discover the secrets of earning passive income through affiliate marketing…

  • learn more about how to manage your small business’ affiliate program…

  • learn how to help business owners increase their traffic and income while earning lucrative sales commissions…

Then this 2-day event is for you!

Imagine spending a weekend with an intimate group of affiliate marketing experts who share with you their little known secrets of success!

Imagine learning cutting edge strategies about a brand new industry just now emerging from web sites busting at the seams with success!

It’s called Affiliate Management.

At our Affiliate Marketing Conference, you’ll learn both!

Here’s How Basic Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is simply earning a commission for helping website owners make sales by sending visitors to their sites.

When a customer purchases the site owner’s product using your affiliate link, the site owner makes a sale, the customer gets the product or service he wants, and you get a check! And it’s usually for 50%!

What is Affiliate Management?

If the site owner adds one person to help double his marketing effort, he could theoretically double his results.

But imagine this!

If that one affiliate manager helped find and train other affiliates who are all eager to actively market the site owner’s product, the business could increase exponentially!



That’s the current trend of the websites on the Net!

There is a HUGE demand for Affiliate Managers to help site owners recruit, train and motivate affiliates.

And that’s what we want to help you learn how to do!

There’s Just One Problem

There aren’t very many affiliate managers who are trained to help others.

Thousands of small business owners are experiencing Internet success just like UPS depicted years ago in their famous commercial.

And now site owners are looking for help to manage various aspects of their business. The problem is, many of them have affiliates, but there aren’t many folks trained to be affiliate managers.

So Affiliate Management is a brand new industry emerging from online success. It offers a ground floor opportunity to entrepreneurs interested in helping others.

I’ll Be Your Hostess!

My name is Rhea Perry and I teach moms, dads and teens how to create passive income and work from home. I also LOVE to host great family events!

Here is what one of our past affiliate apprentices said:

“I'd been poking around with affiliate marketing and trying to get my mind wrapped around all the information "out there" about it. The problem is, there's SO MUCH information, it's very, VERY easy to experience information overload!!

“What I really needed was somebody who'd ‘been there, done that’ who could get me focused on the right things to start with, how and what to add as I got more experienced, and provide me with a ‘sounding board’ when I had questions.

“I once even asked Rhea if she would be willing to work with me on affiliate marketing, since I knew she was a Super Affiliate. At the time, she was not doing her Affiliate Apprenticeship, so she had to turn me down. Needless to say, when she launched the Affiliate Apprenticeship program, I was all over it! I don't know if I was the first to buy in, but I know I was really close!!

”So for anyone who's trying to figure out how to start, and how to cut a clean path through the ‘information overload’, I DEFINITELY recommend this program!”

Scott Sutherland
Oviedo, Florida

Why Host a Live Event?

I believe there is more to education than we know.

Sure, some students can learn anything from just reading the book, but some students must hear the content to comprehend it.

And others have to experience it.

The best way I’ve found to experience online education is to attend live events where experts who have already figured out how to make money online share their secrets.

And once you’ve had a chance to meet a successful online marketer – and he gets a chance to meet you – often a great partnership can result.

Until you’ve attended a live event, there is no way to comprehend the value you get from just being there.

Not only do you learn cutting edge information about developing technology but you meet the people who are making it happen. You can talk with them directly to learn how they think and what they do that earns many of them millions of dollars per year, or per month or even per day.

So if you are interested in spending a life-changing weekend with a handful of Affiliate Marketing experts, don’t miss this event!

This is Opportunity!   See it?

  • This is opportunity to start a business with virtually nothing more than an email address.

  • This is opportunity to increase your existing business.

  • This is opportunity to do something different with your life.

When opportunity comes your way, grab it and figure out what to do with it later. That’s the difference between those who are successful and those who are not. You can’t wait to figure out all the details before you get started.

So often, just when you thought you had it all figured out, something significant changes.

So, if you are at a point where you are ready to do something different with your life and you want to learn more about how to use the Internet to increase your income, then realize this for what it is: opportunity.


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Get instant access to all the details.

Sign up for free bonus education calls
with my guest experts.

Enter Name and Email below.

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We respect your privacy!
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